St. Stephen’s cuts off those with less than 98.5% from BA English course

NEW DELHI: Delhi University’s St Stephen’s College announced on Wednesday the marks students need to qualify for its undergraduate courses, declaring cut-offs that were similar to or lower than last year’s levels in all courses except Economic (honours).

St Stephen’s is one of DU’s marquee colleges and sources from the college said the institution consciously kept lower cutoffs to give a chance to more students to appear for the interview.

The dip in this year’s cut-off ranges from 0.25-10 percentage points.

The highest cut-off was for the English (hons) and Economics (hons) courses at 98.5%. The cutoff for English (hons) this year is 0.5 percentage points down from last year’s 99% but for Economics (hons) it is 0.3 percentage points up from last year’s 98.2%. These cut-offs are for students from the commerce stream.


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