Don’t politicise triple talaq issue, says PM

New Delhi :. Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged Muslims on Saturday to keep the debate over triple talaq away from politics, saying that he hoped efforts to reform the controversial Islamic practice will come from the community.

“I am sure enlightened people will emerge from among Muslims and come forward to end his practice, liberating our Muslim daughters and mother’s from the scourge,” Modi said at a function to celebrate the life of 12th century social reformer and kanada philosopher Basaveswara.

” Come out and find a solution. that solution will have its own majesty and generations will remember you. ”

This is the second time in a fortnight that modi has reached out to Muslim women. In October too, he criticised triple talaq, saying the practice was destroying Muslim women’s lives.

In his 38 minutes speech, Modi called upon India’s Muslims to show the “path of modernity” to Muslims across the world. “That is the kind of power and energy this land gives to all of us.”

Triple talaq refers to the Islamic tradition that lets men divorce women by pronouncing talaq thrice.

India has separate sets of personal laws for each religion governing marriage, divorce, succession, adoption and maintainance. While much of the Hindu law overhaul began in the 1950s and continues, activists have long argued that Muslims personal law has remained mostly unchanged.

The Modi government has said it wants to replace the triple talaq divorce and other Islamic personal laws with a new uniform civil code applicable to all religious groups.


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