Kashmiris find ways to beat social media gag

social media ban

NEW DELHI/SRINAGAR : Kashmiri’s are turning to freely available technology to beat a government ban on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, undermining efforts to tamp down on the spread of videos and images that officials believe, fan tention.

” Even before the ban was announced, we knew that there are alternative ways of accessing social media. It is common knowledge here as such internet bans were implemented earlier as well,” said Kashmir university staffer Zahoor Ahmed, one of many accessing Facebook on Friday, two days after the ban was ordered.

The alternative methods Ahmad refers to our virtual private networking(VPN) tools and encrypted messenger services such as signal, available as open source software on the internet.

VPN applications are gaining popularity in the valley since the government directed service providers on Wednesday to block 22 websites and services, including popular messaging application Watsapp.

The government said the clampdown was necessary for ‘public safety’ after several viral videos depicting alleged abuse of civilians by security forces sparked protests.


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