In a first, Sensex closes over 30K


MUMBAI:  The BSE’s benchmark Sensex index closed above the 30,000 mark for the first time on Wednesday, riding a world wide stocks rally fuelled by central bank asset buying. experts advised Investors against irrational exuberance, saying underlying fundamentals had not changed; few expect the liquidity driven rally to stop.

The Sensex rose 0.63%, or 190.11 points higher, to close at 30,133.35 points.

This follows the 50-share Nifty’s record closing above 9300 points on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Nifty climbed 0.49% to close at 9351.85.

Across the globe, stocks climbed in  markets from Tokyo to New York, as investors cheered robust US corporate earnings and chances of tax cuts for American companies. These, along with a centrist victory in the first round of the french presidential election, kept the markets upbeat.






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